Farm Days
Animals and the outdoors are both wonderful teachers for children and adults alike,
so slip on your boots, hop in your car, and come spend time at the farm!

Marky is happy to see you!

What is "Farm Days"?
"Farm Days" is our term for the days we open up the sanctuary to the public for guided tours, face-to-face time with our animals, and other exciting activities!

Farm Days run on specific Saturdays from April-November.

The sanctuary will be open on these days from 1-3pm.
The guided tour is from 1-2, and other activities will be available from 2-3.

We'll stay open rain or shine, so dress for the weather!

Can I just drop by?
Due to our limited parking space and staff, we must limit our Farm Days attendees to 10 individuals per event.

Because of this, we require sign-ups in advance.

Is there a fee?
We do not formally charge for our Farm Days events, but donations to the sanctuary are always welcome! We have a donation box located in front of our events building.

Is there anything I should know before arriving?
Yes, just a few things!

*wear long pants and close toed-shoes (boots reccomended)
*no smoking
*no pets (apologies to dog owners!)
*plan on arriving a few minutes early- our guided tour will begin right at 1pm

How do I sign up?
Sign-ups for our 2018 Farm Days are now available!

To sign up, click the link to your desired day, then write your name, check the box, and click send.

Please be sure to do this for each individual in your group!

If you would like a reminder before the day, please also include a reachable email address.

April 14 (Full)
May 5 (Full)
May 19 (Full)
June 16 (Full)
June 30 (Full)
July 14 (Full)
July 28 (Full)
August 11
August 25
September 8
September 22
October 13
October 20
November 3
November 17