Our Animal Family

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Birthday: December 20th

Sweetie is a 19 year old Welsh Pony mare that retired to Unity Farm Sanctuary after many years of teaching youngsters how to ride. She can be a bit of a character- a number of visitors to the sanctuary recall her from her working days, and tell us stories about her unique opinions on who was allowed to stay on her back!

Sweetie is serious about her hay. She grumbles and paws the ground at mealtimes, and snatches a little more than her share from her paddock-mate and companion Millie. To keep Sweetie in shape and help her maintain muscle tone even though she is retired from riding, many of our great volunteers take her for long walks. All of our equines get very excited when she's walked around, and Millie will follow alongside her from inside the paddock!

Our three welsh ponies are beloved here, but they are a vulnerable population: lesson and camp ponies often end up in the kill-auctions once they reach a certain age. We are so glad we have been able to work with owners to eliminate that risk by bringing them here, where they can live out their golden years being tended to and loved. Sweetie often has her mane braided, giving her a very feminine look!

Sweetie shines as a happy retired gal with hopefully many years of warming our hearts with her sometimes bossy sometimes sweet 'tude!

Birthday: May 7th

Birthday: February 23rd

Millie is a 24 year old Welsh Pony who came to us in February of 2017. She is universally known as the sweetheart here. She is wonderful at teaching volunteers new to equine grooming- when it comes time to clean her hooves, she lifts them up without even being asked!

In her working life, she was loved by the many young women who rode, jumped, and competed in shows with her. She is retired now, but like many older athletes, she has a wide range of orthopedic issues and we carefully watch her and medicate for soreness, lameness and pain. She has Cushings Disease (Equine Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction), which means we are using STIM tests to monitor her bloodwork on a regular basis, and she is currently on three pergolide pills each day- a high dosage. Some days she'll gulp them down without question, other days she'll stubbornly knock them aside, but taking them has been very important for her health. Each pill is $1.89 ($690/year), so we factor this in as a possibility for any of our older equines when we budget how many rescues we can take onboard here.

Millie adores affection, getting groomed, and massaged. We are hoping that Millie will be a big part of our days here at the Sanctuary for many years to come.

Birthday: April 14th

Amber the Arab Horse came to us in January of 2017, not long after the Sanctuary formed. At that time she lived alongside our first equine, Pippin the Welsh Pony gelding. She is 25 years young, and a friendly easy-going mare.

She was well loved in her last home, but circumstances left her without a herdmate. She loves being able to see all our other equines here, and live alongside her paddock-mate Brandy, who Amber lovingly reminds that she is the boss. The humans in her life wanted to be very sure that she did not risk ending up in the auctions- and now she has a forever home here at Unity Farm Sanctuary.

She gets gentle exercise to stay healthy, and keeps an active watch on all the goings-on here. All of us here love Amber very much!

Birthday: January 4th

Birthday: August 12th

Birthday: July 10th

Birthday: April 12th

Birthday: April 27th

Flash is a 12 year old miniature horse who matches his rockstar hairdo.

He is inquisitive and friendly, loves attention, and has acted as a social bridge between our volunteers and the three shyer mini horses. Flash's father, Topper, was rescued alongside the others at the age of 31, but was sadly lost due to complications with poor dental health. We treasure his son Flash and his proud whinnying.

Mini horses are different than ponies- they are bred from horses. Sometimes we are asked "what they do", and while the breed has many technical purposes, we believe that the purpose of each animal here is to live for themselves, not based on their usefulness to others. So in Flash's case, the answer to "what they do" is to look fabulous!

Birthday: December 5th