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Millie is a 24 year old Welsh Pony who came to us in February of 2017. She is universally known as the sweetheart here. If anyone comes to the Sanctuary and is just starting to learn how to volunteer with equine grooming, Millie is the teacher.

In her working life, she was beloved by many young women who learned to ride and jump with her, and competed in shows with her. She is retired now, but like many older athletes, she has a wide range of orthopedic issues and we carefully watch her for soreness, lameness and pain. She has Cushings Disease (Equine Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction), which means we are using STIM tests to monitor her bloodwork on a regular basis. In fact, her bloodwork in December revealed a need for three pergolide pills each day- a high dosage. Some days she'll gulp them down without question, and other days she'll stubbornly knock them aside, but taking them has been very important for her health. It has transformed her numbers from a very high 1200+ down to nearly normal levels. Each pill is $1.89 ($690/year), so we factor this in as a possibility for any of our older equines when we budget how many rescues we can take onboard here.

She loves attention, adores having her forehead rubbed, and looks blissful when she gets hip massages during grooming. We are hoping that Millie will be a big part of our days here at the Sanctuary for many years to come.