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We are super excited to offer Into Your Own, an alternative visual journaling and book-making workshop to help us become more independent, confident, brave, and free- to come into our own.

Practices of alternative book-making cultivate insight into the nature of the creative process and its multiple relations to emotional stories of loss, mend, and progress. Enriched by self trust, enthusiasm, and acceptance, images, photos, paper, paint, words, line work, thread, and many unconventional tools and materials entwine to make expressive, complex and extremely personal and sensual books. It's all about one's willingness to reveal vulnerability and rawness for the sake of true creative freedom, newness, and a deep sense of interconnectedness to all. Experiencing honest and joyous journeys is our goal. Ultimately, this process is about depicting the fluidity of life, about effortlessly carrying one's self from one place to another and about connecting to a larger world than our own.

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About Unity Farm Sanctuary
About Unity Farm Sanctuary: Unity Farm Sanctuary is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the purpose of providing rehabilitation and permanent housing for distressed farm animals. Located in Sherborn, MA, Unity Farm Sanctuary encompasses 15 acres of farmland, and currently houses around 150 animals that have been rescued from a wide variety of living conditions and situations.

The sanctuary operates alongside Unity Farm LLC, which currently produces certified organic apples, mushrooms, honey, and compost, among other farm products.

The sanctuary also provides community outreach through classes, workshops, and volunteer opportunities. Classes encompass topics such as organic farming, bee keeping, and animal care. These classes may be offered to educators, visiting school groups, and other local residents and organizations. Qualified volunteers aid the sanctuary on a weekly basis with a variety of tasks, including animal care, cleaning, and feeding.

If Unity Farm Sanctuary's mission has you feeling inspired, there are plenty of ways you can get involved! Check out our "Visit" tab to learn about our in-person opportunities, use any of the circular links at the top of the page to contact us online, or click the "donate" button to learn how you can directly help keep the animals fed and cared for.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Unity Farm Sanctuary!