Volunteer with Us!
Unity Farm Sanctuary is busy and bustling every single day, and our volunteers are crucial to getting everything done.
We are always looking for eager and dedicated volunteers to come help out!

Volunteer Saul on his regular morning visit to Star the donkey.
We are so lucky for his dedication to her!
Volunteer Activities
Volunteer activities can include (but are not limited to) filling water buckets, mucking stalls and paddocks, spending one-on-one time socializing and grooming specific animals, and other animal care needs of the day.

In Spring through Fall, volunteers can also opt to work with our plant-life, performing tasks such as starting/planting seedlings, watering and weeding crop beds, and working to learn about organic practices.

Additonally, volunteers can propose activities outside the realm of animal or plant care that match personal skills, such as taking high-quality photos or videos of our animals, assisting with social media, creating fundraisers, or offering workshops on topics related to our mission.

Volunteer Hours
Volunteer hours are available 8am-12pm Tuesday-Saturday. We ask that volunteers commit to at least one regular day each week, and stay for at least an hour.

We completely understand that emergencies and inclement weather occur, so if you will not be able to make your regular time, please let us know in advance via text or email.

Age Restrictions
For safety and liability purposes, all volunteers must be at least 10 years of age, no exceptions. Volunteers under 14 will need a parent with them at all times. Volunteers under 18 will need a parent to accompany them on their first visit.

Volunteering Tips/Suggestions
Closed-toe shoes are required, and boots are strongly recommended. Clothing is likely to get dirty, so keep that in mind when deciding what to wear! Work gloves are also a fantastic idea if you have them available.

The majority of animal-care activities are labor intensive, so please notify us in advance if you are unable to perform certain tasks.


Ready to get started?
To request to become a volunteer, please send an email to unityfarmsanctuary@gmail.com
including your name, age, availability, and any relevant past experience.