The Alpaca Boys!


Domino came from Maine with his mother, Mocha. He is very thoughtful and loves to play fight with the other male alpaca. He is always seen around his favorite rock and loves to pose on it for visitors.


Stanley is the father of Danny and is also from Maine. He is the most social male and is very curious; he loves to sniff visitors' hair. He is named after the Stanley Cup.


Danny is 4 years old and was born right at the Sanctuary! His father is Stanley and his mother is Daisy Mae.


Midas is also from Maine and is the oldest male. Like his name suggests, he feels and acts like he is the king alpaca. He is the father of Sunny Day.


Tahoe was a rescue from Sudbury MA and is the biggest alpaca in the bunch. He is very laid back and easy going.

The Alpaca Girls!

Ella Mae

Ella Mae is the matriarch of the female herd. She is mother to Daisy Mae and Persia, and grandmother to Danny and Sunny.


Mint was rescued from Sudbury MA with her mother, Juniper. She is very quiet and sweet.


Persia came from Maine with her mother Ella May, and her sister Daisy Mae. She is the mother of Sunny Day. Persia has the softest coat of all the female alpaca.


Tinkerbelle came from Maine with many of the others. Despite being the tiniest alpaca at the sanctuary, she is always first to the food. She is very good natured and the easiest going alpaca.

Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae came from Maine with most of the herd. Her mother is Ella May and she is sisters with Persia. Her son is Danny.


Juniper was rescued from Sudbury MA with her daughter, Mint. She is a very vocal girl and loves to hum.


Mocha is the mother of Domino and came from a Maine rescue. She is the oldest and biggest female alpaca at the sanctuary. 

Sunny Day

Sunny Day is 5 years old and was born at the sanctuary. She is the second youngest alpaca after Danny. Her mother is Persia.

The alpaca girls all form a very close knit herd along with Orchid.


Orchid came to the sanctuary from Colrain MA. She is the guardian of the female alpaca and takes her job very seriously of protecting the herd.


Maxine is our furry ambassador. She came from a rescue in Assonet MA as part of the silky fainting goat herd and has been their guardian ever since. She'll greet you, nuzzle your hair, and welcome your touch. She's always alert and ready to check out anyone and anything that passes her paddock. She is an elegant and curious women of mystery.


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