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The Chickens


When we built Unity Farm in 2012, we started with a dozen hens. Now we have 100 Hens and 25 Roosters. The ideal ratio is about 5 hens to one rooster but many local towns do not allow roosters, so Easter chicks often result in Sanctuary rescues.

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The Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl (the breed comes from West Africa) roam the Sanctuary eating all the ticks. Although John had Lyme disease 3 times in the past, he's not had a single infection since the Guineas have been on duty.

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The Ducks


Our many ducks are a mixture of Runners, Pekins, Swedish blues, Rouens, and Cayuga. The waterfowl all live together and spend their days swimming in our streams and ponds.

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The Turkeys


Our turkeys have a lot more to say than just "gobble-gobble"! We have Royal Palms, Narragansetts, Blue Slates, and Broad Breasted Whites. Each is safe and sound at Unity and has their own personality and unique style--just ask Palmer or Handsome Paul!

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The Geese


Our geese are American Buff, Tufted Toulouse, Toulouse, Chinese Brown and Chinese White. Geese are the watch dogs of the farm and honk loudly whenever there is trouble.


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