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Daisies Petal: Make the World a Better Place


Activity: Circle of Caring

Overview: Scouts will think about the people, animals and places they care about as well as ways in which they have helped care for them in the past or could care for them in the future. They will also learn that we do not have to know individuals personally to care about them. Scouts will stand in a circle and share who / what they care about, something s/he has done to help someone else or protect nature and pass a token to the next person and ask them to share. Extension activity: scouts each create a Circle of Caring poster.


Objectives: Scouts will be able to define caring and identify ways to help others. Through a symbolic circle of caring, scouts will learn how we are all connected by our care for others.

Daisies Journey: Three Cheers for Animals

(three visits to the Sanctuary over the season)


I. LEARN (Birdbath Award) – Daisies learn to care for animals and for themselves


How Are We Similar to and Different from Farm Animals?

Overview: Scouts draw pictures of what foods they eat, where they live, who their families are and what they like to do for fun. They share their pictures and discuss how they are similar to and different from their peers’ pictures. They then compare their drawings to what food farm animals eat, where they live, who their families are and what they like to do for fun. Afterward, scouts discuss how even though farm animals’ lives are different from ours, their lives are also similar to ours because both students and farm animals need food, shelter, family and fun.

Purpose: The aim of this lesson is to create a respectful and inclusive team culture that helps scouts get to know their peers better and promotes understanding and compassion for farm animals. They will learn to embrace the different needs of both humans and nonhuman animals and begin to see how we are all connected.

II. SEE (Red Robin Award) – Daisies use their new knowledge and creativity to teach others how to care for animals


Making Farm Animal Mini-Books

Overview: Scouts brainstorm what they know about cows, pigs and chickens. They then choose to create a cow, pig or chicken mini-book using the provided mini-book templates. Scouts complete their story by drawing a picture of themselves taking care of a farm animal. Scouts then read their book aloud, either to small groups of peers or as an entire class with the teacher leading. Scouts are encouraged to read their mini-books to friends and family.

Purpose: An important way to pique interest about farm animals and the issues facing them is to share fascinating facts about them. The aim of this lesson is to expose scouts to the social, emotional and intellectual lives of farm animals in an engaging way; which they may then share with others.


III. DO (Tula Award) – Daisies gain courage and confidence in teaching others about animal care

Enrichment Toys for Chickens

Overview: Scouts use their creativity and building skills to make fun, interesting enrichment toys for rescued chickens.

Purpose: Scouts take action to help farm animals by creating toys that will make their lives even happier. They will get to know chickens as fun-loving individuals and put themselves in the “feet of the chickens” to decide how to build the most interesting and fun toys. Scouts will feel good knowing they are helping improve the lives of animals in such a fun, artistic way!

Please note: Programs are offered Monday through Saturday (Excluding Sunday)


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