Great Pyrenees are Livestock Guardian Dogs, not herding dogs. They live with their charges and protect them from predators. Shiro weighs 125 pounds, loves putting his paws on your shoulders, and barks to defend from every possible threat. He's a Sanctuary favorite.


Ellie is a Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd cross. She was born on a goat farm in Illinois, and came to us from her family who loved her very much but could no longer keep her. She is playful and has gotten to know the alpaca. Volunteers love to visit her!


In Memory 

Bundle was the runt of her litter and always had to defend her food from the goats she lived with as a puppy on another farm. She was convinced that the alpaca wanted to eat her biscuits, or the eggs she liked to find and guard. She was a kind and loving Livestock Guardian. We miss her!

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