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At this time of year in the northern hemisphere, nature tends to remind us of birth and rebirth quite resoundingly. Bumblebee queens lay a daughter egg to raise, and then that daughter will herself raise the other new offspring to come, and begin the cycle of the new small colony. Songbirds are all so vocal right now with courtship songs - I miss that music as summer wears on. Baby squirrels, rabbits, fawns….so many signs of renewal.

Green sprouts from the earth and unfolding leaves paired with ephemeral blossoms on flowering trees are a delight after the bare earth and branches of winter here in the northeast.

We are very much at capacity here at the Sanctuary right now, but in some springs we have welcomed baby Good Will Sheep, Shaun Sheep and his twin Charlotte, Winston Lambert III, and of course baby Elliot Steer and toddler Audrey Heifer, then later, tiny Wallace the Red and Bob Crockett. Penny Blossom Pig was a young adolescent when she arrived, but Tofu Pig was very much still a baby. On occasion, we have accepted surrenders of very young Feathered Friends.

Spring can make us a little uneasy as well, because we know that people choosing to have backyard chicken flocks will very shortly be seeking safe havens for the inevitable roosters that they won’t or can’t keep. We are absolutely at capacity (especially with the avian flu situation), but even tougher, we don’t currently have any other safe places to recommend that are not themselves also full.

Each day can bring something new here, so we remain prepared to help when we are called upon. For now though, we are grateful to simply take the time to enjoy the spring flowers, the buzzing bees, the songbirds, and the greening meadows.

Photo: John Halamka, feeding tiny Wallace the Red three years ago.


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