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Dudley, and the goats and sheep, have had some fun press this week.

Steve Annear of the Boston Globe reached out to us for his end of year article on ecological recycling of Christmas trees.

Read here (there is a paywall)

Kathy Halamka, executive director of Unity Farm Sanctuary in Sherborn, said in an e-mail that the trees are 'an entertaining distraction” for their farm animals — not just goats — “adding enrichment to their days."

"Dudley, our Scottish Highland bull, plays with the trees as well, tossing them around with his horns before settling in to munch,” said Halamka. “This is an ecological way to recycle the trees. When the goats, sheep, and cows are done, we then chip the trunks and spread the chips on our trails."

WBZBoston Newsradio's Tim Dunn called on Tuesday to chat about how great it can be to get more use from Christmas trees.

Read and Listen here

"The needles have great Vitamin C and good nutrition and it's entertaining for them. On top of that it's actually an anti-wormer," she said.

Halamka said the farm gets about a hundred trees per year, which gives the goats, sheep and cows more than enough to chew on until spring.

"They will work on one across the day, if we leave it in longer they'll work on the bark," Halamka said.

Associate Producer Sammi Rappaport of CBS Mornings loved how much fun Dudley had with his trees - sure beats the winter blues! (although Dudley loves winter).

Watch here (on Twitter)

(or watch at minute 2:20 for the UFS segment with Dudley)

We happily share the abundance of recycled trees with local micro-sanctuary Serenity Farm here in Sherborn.

May you have a wonderful 2022! We look forward to spending the year with our rescues, our volunteers our visitors, and you - our supporters.

(Dudley the Scottish Highland)


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