Goodwill is a lamb from Vermont that was rescued after he became an orphan due to his large size at birth. He is very adventurous and loves to eat, prance around, and greet new visitors!


Charlotte came to the Sanctuary with her mother, Lila, and her brother, Shaun. The family was rescued from Carver, MA after they were no longer usable to train herding dogs. Charlotte is very curious but shy, and prefers to stay close to her mother.


Shaun came from Carver, MA with his mother and sister because he was too friendly to train herding dogs. He is very curious and comes right up to visitors and volunteers to say hello.


Lila came to the Sanctuary from Carver, MA with her children, Charlotte and Shaun. She is still very skittish and is adjusting to her new home. She is very protective of her little lambs but warming up to everyone around her!

17 Unity Lane

Sherborn, MA 01770