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Lifetime Care For Animals In Need


Kindness and compassion are the heart of everything at Unity Farm Sanctuary.

Gentle giant Dudley the Scottish Highland, affectionate Marky Goat, shy Gypsy Minihorse, and social butterflies Turnip Turkey and Roo Rooster join their many rescued farmed animals friends here, to enjoy their forever home.

Treated with respect and love, they live out their lives in the safety of a vegan sanctuary.

Our volunteers help with our rescues every day, come join them!


Unity Farm Sanctuary offers many guided tours, as weather permits March to December, we would love to meet you at one!

For the safety of our animal residents and our visitors, no drop-in walking in the rescues' living area, so unscheduled walking around the animals is not allowed. We have public walking trails in our woods and meadows for everyone to enjoy, dawn to dusk, and we would love to meet you on our Sanctuary Tours.

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Join the Kindness

Unity Farm Sanctuary is dedicated to the lifetime care of a limited population of ill, disabled, senior, orphaned or otherwise surrendered farmed animals as well. Our extensive humane education programs help even more animals in need. Rescuing is made possible by the generosity of our volunteers, donors, neighbors, and other supporters. If you would like to make the world a kinder place for animals and people, you can:

UFS Indigenous Land Recognition Statement

We would like to recognize that Unity Farm Sanctuary inhabits the ancestral land of the Massachusett and Nipmuc tribes.  Please take a moment to celebrate and honor the sacred land of these tribes and the hallowed lands of all indigenous peoples.

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