We have 13 alpaca and 2 llamas on the Sanctuary. They've come from a variety of situations and histories but now have a safe, warm, loving forever home. The male alpaca are guarded by a Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog and the female alpaca are guarded by a female llama.


Our Great Pyrenees is a Livestock Guardian Dog, keeping the Sanctuary safe from prowling predators. Pyrs love to jump on people and bark all night. Our best friends!

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Equines are complex physical and emotional creatures and benefit from teams of volunteers who provide socialization and exercise. As with all our residents at the Sanctuary, each equine has a backstory. Caring for them gives us great joy!

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We have many types of birds free ranging throughout the sanctuary. The geese sound the alarm when strangers arrive. The Guinea Fowl eat ticks. The Turkeys love  humans, and the ducks are incredibly social. Every Hen and Rooster has a name and unique personality.


Donkeys have a reputation for being stubborn. The reality is that they are extremely intelligent and make decisions based on life experience. When we hear the donkey bray, we know we're home!

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Pigs are smarter than most dogs; they solve puzzles, have a wide range of vocalizations, and even have a social hierarchy. We have 4 pig areas because their emotional interactions require their separation into tribes. We can't imagine how anyone could eat a creature that is so complex.

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We call the cows our "grass puppies" because they love to dance, play ball, and fetch. They want to sit in your lap and jump on your back, which is challenging when the puppy weighs 1000 pounds. Our most famous resident is Dudley the extremely friendly, 1800 pound Scottish Highland Bull!

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Think of goats as permanent 3 year olds; they'll do whatever it takes to get into trouble. We have Nubian, pygmy, and silky fainting goats who are always happy to see any visitor, even young children.

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Sheep are very gentle and intelligent animals. They have a long-lasting memory, recognize faces, and have complex emotions and expressive vocalizations. Our flock is the newest group to the Sanctuary and are living in the goat paddock. They are loving their new forever home!

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Unity is surrounded by 70 acres of forest, so in addition to our farm animal residents, the sanctuary is also visited by many wild animals that come and go as they please - wild turkeys, deer, bobcats, foxes, raccoons, opossums, fisher cats, coyotes and even bears. Our role is to share the land with this wildlife while also keeping our farm animals safe.


Coyotes and foxes roam the forest around the Sanctuary every night, posing for our infrared forest cams.   Our predator defenses - barking dogs, fences, and guinea fowl - keep all our Sanctuary animals safe.


As a vegan Sanctuary, we do not allow hunting on the property, so we have a modest deer herd running around our 3 miles of trails, raising their young and eating the tender young plants that grow throughout the forest


Like a furry motorcycle gang, a band of raccoons wanders the Sanctuary each night looking for uneaten vegetable scraps and bird seed.    Every bird on the Sanctuary sleeps in a raccoon proof pen, so we rarely run into problems.

17 Unity Lane

Sherborn, MA 01770

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