Old Gloucester Spot Pig

Sweet adorable Amelia is a young Gloucestershire pig who has fit right in with the other pigs here at the Sanctuary. We love her joie de vivre and those beyond-cute floppy ears!

Hazel Marie

Potbelly Pig

Hazel is a Potbelly pig who was adopted from MSPCA. She was the first pig at the Sanctuary and lives next to Rue. She is 130 pounds of pure joy that loves to wag her tail and get belly rubs.


Idaho Pasture Pig

Osa is also an Idaho Pasture pig from Sherborn MA. Just like her sister, she loves to come up to visitors and ask for belly rubs and treats.


Potbelly Pig

Tofu is a Potbelly pig who came to the Sanctuary after he was wisely surrendered to MSPCA from a college dorm. He loves to eat and relax in his pen with Lunchbox.


Hampshire Pig

Danny Boy is a Hampshire Pig, a breed typically used for meat. We are so happy to have this cheerful boy living his forever life at UFS, and we think he is pretty happy too. He loves his buddy, Leona the Pig -- they cuddle together at night!


Idaho Pasture Pig

Leona is an Idaho Pasture pig and came from Sherborn MA with her sister, Osa. She weighs over 450 pounds but that doesn't stop her from asking for belly rubs.

Penny Blossom

Yorkshire Pig

Penny Blossom is a Yorkshire pig. She is 550 pounds and can easily lift a person. She is funny and smart and loves to prance around with food.


Potbelly Pig

George is the newest pig at the Sanctuary. He used to live indoors, but sadly his home burned down and he lost his tail the fire. He is extremely friendly and loves to say hello to every visitor.

Lunchbox Benson

Potbelly Pig

Lunchbox is a Potbelly pig that came to the Sanctuary via the MSPCA. He has limited eyesight but loves to sleep in his hut and hang out with his buddy Tofu.


Juliana Potbelly Pig

Rue is a 120 pound Juliana pig. She came from Worcester MA after a vet in training rescued her from a Craigslist ad. She loves to sleep in the sun and hang out with her chicken friends.