Nubian Goat

Billy is a Nubian goat. He was rescued with Marky from a butchering operation in Lawrence, MA. He is very curious and always wants to know what's going on around his paddock.


Silky Fainting Goat

Ellie is the most social female goat. She loves to climb and greet visitors. She only faints in one leg at a time, which is a very funny sight to see!


Silky Fainting Goat

Lydia is very easy going and social with all the visitors. She loves to hang out with the other ladies in the paddock, including Maxine!


Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Napoleon is a Pygmy goat who was adopted from MSPCA with Billy and Marky. He is very easy going.


Silky Fainting Goat

Blook is extremely friendly and the head of the goat herd. He loves to lick anyone who enters his paddock.


Silky Fainting Goat

Jaina is a very social and happy girl who loves to smile at visitors! She is also very curious and gentle.


Nubian Goat

Like Billy, Marky is also a Nubian goat who was rescued with Billy from Lawerence, MA. He is very friendly and gentle.


Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Bud is one of our newest goats and has quickly worked his way into the hearts of many, including his new BFF, Ellie the goat. With a gorgeous thick coat and strapping horns, he is quite irresistible to staff and visitors alike.


Silky Fainting Goat

Jingle is a gentle goat who loves to be brushed. He always hopes volunteers will scratch his head!


Silky Fainting Goat

Misty is very social and loves to lay out in the sun. She is very easy going and friendly.


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