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Sanctuary Founders & Board of Directors



Co-Founder & Board President

John D. Halamka is the President of the Mayo Clinic Platform, leading a portfolio of new digital platform businesses focused on transforming health by leveraging artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and an ecosystem of partners for Mayo Clinic. He is a practicing emergency physician and has a certificate in Organic and Sustainable Agriculture from the University of Massachusetts. He enjoys the hands-on side of being Facilities Manager. You can often find him out on a walk with one of the Sanctuary dogs. John has his Mayo ClinicPlatform Blog

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Co-Founder & Executive Director

Kathy Halamka, BA, MFA, brings business, visual arts and arts educator training to her many roles here at the sanctuary, including Volunteer Director, Events Manager, Social Media, Fundraiser and Public Relations. You will often find her spending time with Handsome Paul the Turkey and her other Feathered Friends, taking new photos for the "Updates from Unity", or checking on her beloved ponies. She is lead blogwriter at UFS as well

David Wirbal is now retired from Fidelity Investments and founded Dudley Brewing. He is often known here affectionately as "Dud's Dad"after being instrumental in rescuing Dudley.

Ann Harrison Wehr is a professional skating educator, with a long track record of volunteering in many leadership roles here at the Sanctuary.

Tyler Wehr, is a talented chef and skilled in the vegan hospitality business. He has been a volunteer here since the beginning with Ann. A vegan cookbook is in the works!

Wendy Weitzner is a talented executive in healthcare consulting, and she brings prior board experience, leadership and planning skills to her role on the Board

Donna Schultz has been involved with the Sanctuary for a long time and was a special volunteer for Goldy. She has years of experience in hospitality planning and event services!

Our 100% donating and vegan board insures our non-profit fiscal responsibility and guides Unity Farm Sanctuary toward a meaningful future.

Animal Caregiver Team


Shelter Manager

Kayla joined us after her wonderful work at Peace Ridge Sanctuary in Maine. Growing up with her twin brother around many rescue animals gave her a great start. She has experience with horses, bovines and all the animal species here at the sanctuary. 

Kayla adores hiking the Maine wilderness, her favorite music, and her daughter and family.



Assistant Shelter Manager

Michael joined the Sanctuary in 2022, with a particular affinity for our big farm pigs, and has built a solid friendship with Danny Boy and Penny Blossom. 

He has a genuine love for learning and has enjoyed researching more about best care practices for all the rescues here at the Sanctuary! 

He is an amazing photographer and enjoys playing the piano too.

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Sanctuary Greeter

Wallace the Red is a shaggy fellow who enjoys hanging out with his Bovine buddies. He is half Highland and half red Angus, to our best guess. Yep, his horns grew downward!

Say hello to him when you visit!

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Animal Caregiver

Tyler joined the Sanctuary in 2022, and did you know he is one "day" younger than his twin sister Kayla?

He loves his cats, and when not at the Sanctuary you can find him spending time with his friends and working out at the gym.



Animal Caregiver

Emma loves traveling and hiking and recently traveled across the US. Her hands are always kept busy because her hobbies are knitting/crochet, sewing, and music (guitar, piano, singing). 


She is passionate about veganism and loves to spend her free time with Roger and the broad breasted turkeys. She is going to school for animal science. Emma enjoys spending time with her cat Buddy, and her rabbit Mitzy (adopted from UFS).



Animal Caregiver

Brendan joins us after working at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and also Julianas Animal Sanctuary in Columbia. In 2022 he also assisted with companion animal rescue in the Ukraine

He has a twin brother, Sean, and they grew up here in MA, so coming back to the state is familiar territory for Brendan. He is a passionate vegan, and enjoys spending time with each of the rescues.

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Humane Education Director

Jenn has a lifelong love of animals instilled by her grandmother, who started the family on a mission of rescuing as many companion animals as they could. She loves spending time with all of the animals at the Sanctuary, especially the goats, sheep and of course, Maxine the llama.  In her spare time, Jenn enjoys talking sports and spending time with her husband Brian and their beloved cats, Zoe, Griffin and Dewey.



Resident Greeter

Sunny is a Halflinger and Morgan cross, with a background as a workhorse and a lesson pony. He is the lead in his group of buddies, with Micky and Dunny.

He lives near our Sanctuary House and keeps an eye on all "going's on"!

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