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Let's Get this Birthday Party started! 


Join us in making 2024 a celebration year of Unity Farm Sanctuary Supporter birthdays, to provide a safe forever home to our beloved residents in 2024. Let's Get this Birthday Party started! 🥳

Will you Celebrate the Birthdays of some very special folks and help Unity Farm Sanctuary to keep the hay coming, the stalls warm, and the food bowls full in 2024?

For example: Pony Boy’s journey began in mystery until he landed at an auction. Eventually, he became a cherished riding companion for a loving family. However, health challenges like Cushing’s Disease and laminitis emerged as Pony Boy entered his 20s. Unfortunately, these health conditions prevent him from being ridden, making sanctuary life essential for his well-being. That's where Unity Farm Sanctuary stepped in, providing him with a safe and loving home. Your generosity support's animals rescued farm animals like Pony Boy, Tomie, Walter, Dudley and every rescue here.

Will you consider making a Birthday Gift so that Dudley, the Bella's, Pony Boy and his over 250 friends can receive the care they deserve in 2024?

If you want to be a Birthday Team Member, we welcome you! Just hop over to the Fundraiser using the button below and become a team member! Or read more about becoming a Team Member! You can join with your own birthday or for another Team Member's birthday too!

Thank you for celebrating some very special Birthdays!

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