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Welcome to our lifestyle page, where you can find out more about adding more compassion into your life, plant based cooking and recipes, local restaurants other lifestyle tips and more!


Audrey Heifer says....Try the Plant Rainbow!

You probably already enjoy more plant based foods than you know: hummus, baked potatoes, pasta, sorbets, nut butters, salads, fresh fruits and so much more.

Diving into the amazing and diverse world of plants, fruits and vegetable, you will never be bored. Start with Meatless Mondays, or maybe make it a plant based Taco Tuesday. You might try some modern plant-derived meat substitutes, or perhaps you want to try legumes like pinto beans, lentils or chickpeas. Substitute a healthy oat milk instead of a cholesterol-laden animal milk, and you might be surprised at how much better you feel (many adults really can't tolerate lactose anyway!)

Some lovely tips to encourage a true innate love of animals for children on the Friends of Animals blog 

We also find this Vegan Calculator to be eye-opening!

Local Restaurants

The Sanctuary is located in Sherborn MA. We love to make sure that folks on our Tours know about some great restaurants nearby

Just ten minutes away in Millis, MA is the Nirvana Tea House and Cafe! Wonderful teas, salads, soups, bowls, wraps, brunch on the weekend, and tea cakes. Everything they serve is vegan, completely free of animal products.

Green Leaf Vegetarian and Vegan restaurant, about 20 minutes away in Framingham, MA. Everything vegetarian, and easy to make vegan.

Coming Soon

Check back for our recipe section!



Here is a great recent summary of Boston area plant focused restaurants, take a moment to check it out

Best Boston Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants 2023


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