Arabian Horse

Amber is 23 and a Purebred Arabian horse from Middleboro, MA. She is very easy-going and spirited. She lives with Brandy and spends her days running around her paddock.


Mini Horse

Cash is 14, from Tolland, CT. He had never lived with other horses before he came to the Sanctuary, so when he first arrived he lived with the goats. He is very calm natured and now enjoys living with the other minis.


Mini Horse

Gypsy is 20 and came from Carlisle, MA with Summer. She is extremely sweet and has a little crush on Cash.


Welsh Pony

Millie is a 26 year old Welsh Pony from Holden, MA. She is beloved by all the young women who learned to ride on her and many still come to visit her! She is very gentle and loves to be groomed.


Welsh Pony

Sweetie is 21 and came from riding lesson barn. She has since retired after many years of teaching children to ride but still loves visitors. She is a bossy girl.


Mini Horse

Boomer is a shy little fella who (like many mini horses) suffers from some health problems due to being bred to such a small size. But, with his best friend Lollipop by his side, Boomer is gaining confidence and tackling physical therapy like a champ!


Welsh Pony

Dory is a Welsh Pony who was rescued with her son, Squirt. She is completely blind in her left eye and is enjoying her retirement at the Sanctuary. She loves baths, walks, and meeting visitors.


Bay Morgan

Jules is 19 and a Bay Morgan who came with Linnea from Dover, MA after foundering (laminitis). She is very gentle and is enjoying her retirement.


Welsh Pony

Squirt is a 4 year old strawberry roan Welsh Pony and came to the Sanctuary with his mother, Dory. He is the youngest horse at the Sanctuary and is playful and wild. Like his mother, Squirt is also partially blind.


Appaloosa Quarter Horse

Brandy is 13 and an Appaloosa Quarter Horse. She is very spirited and gets weekly exercise. Brandy is very much in love with our Barn Manger! She is happy she found a soft landing for her forever home.


Mini Horse

Goldy is 21 and still thinks of himself as the top stallion. He used to be very afraid of people but he is getting less fearful.


Mini Horse

Lollipop is a sweet little pinto who came to the sanctuary with her BFF Boomer. She is only 27 inches tall, but that doesn’t stop her from taking charge! Snacking used to be her main passion, but we’re working on helping her expand her horizons.


Morgan/Haflinger Cross

Sunny is a 22-year-old former lesson pony who could no longer be ridden due to a hoof problem. He is a stunning, sturdy, and super-sweet boy who loves to run around his paddock and nuzzle up next to his many admirers.


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