Audrey Heifer

Jersey Cow

Audrey came from Tomten Farm and Sanctuary in NH with Elliot after being saved from going to auction, as she could not have babies so was of “no use” in the dairy industry. She is playful and loves to lick new visitors to say hello!

Elliot Steer

Jersey/Holstein Steer

Elliot was rescued before being "shipped" to the livestock auction. He's 1000 pounds of love and thinks he's a dog. Just like Shiro, he wants to jump on people's shoulders. Have you ever had an 1000 pound puppy on your shoulders? Fun, but not recommended.


Holstein Steer

Bob came to the Sanctuary after he was discarded from the dairy industry. He first came here with a serious infection called Lumpy Jaw, but now he is completely cured! He is very affectionate and loves to run around with his buddy Wallace.

Pal McTrouble

Scottish Belted Galloway

Pal, our “Oreo Cow,” escaped from a slaughterhouse, cleverly spotting an open door and headed for the hills - he is no fool! We were able to round him up after several hours of footwork, and he has settled in with the Bovine Forever Friends for a happy ending.


Scottish Highland

Dudley is a star. He's a gentle giant - nearly one ton of pure joy. He spends his day running and jumping in his new pasture when he's not nuzzling with Audrey or enjoying a brushing from his human friends.


Red Scottish Highland Cross

Wallace was born on March 23rd, 2019 and was surrendered to the Sanctuary after a guardian angel saw him in a veal crate. He is very loving and playful. He is a cross breed so will grow as big as Dudley but won’t grow the Highland big horns.