Standard Donkey

Adele arrived at Unity in August 2020! She is a 10-year-old standard donkey and is much taller than her new “big sister,” Star the mini donkey. Adele has a soft spot for sweet talk and the company of other equines. We love her already!

Audrey Heifer

Jersey Cow

Audrey came from Tomten Farm and Sanctuary in NH with Elliot after being saved from going to auction, as she could not have babies so was of “no use” in the dairy industry. She is playful and loves to lick new visitors to say hello!


Holstein Steer

Bob came to the Sanctuary after he was discarded from the dairy industry. He first came here with a serious infection called Lumpy Jaw, but now he is completely cured! He is very affectionate and loves to run around with his buddy Wallace.


Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Bud is one of our newest goats and has quickly worked his way into the hearts of many, including his new BFF, Ellie the goat. With a gorgeous thick coat and strapping horns, he is quite irresistible to staff and visitors alike.

Daisy Mae

Huacaya Alpaca

Daisy Mae came from Maine with most of the herd. Her mother is Ella May and she is sisters with Persia. Her son is Danny.


Huacaya Alpaca

Domino came from Maine with his mother, Mocha. He is very thoughtful and loves to play fight with the other male alpaca. He is always seen around his favorite rock and loves to pose on it for visitors.

Ella Mae

Huacaya Alpaca

Ella Mae is the matriarch of the female herd. She is mother to Daisy Mae and Persia, and grandmother to Danny and Sunny.

Elliot Steer

Jersey/Holstein Steer

Elliot was rescued before being "shipped" to the livestock auction. He's 1000 pounds of love and thinks he's a dog. Just like Shiro, he wants to jump on people's shoulders. Have you ever had an 1000 pound puppy on your shoulders? Fun, but not recommended.

Good Will

Cheviot Sheep

Good Will is a lamb from Vermont that was rescued after he became an orphan due to his large size at birth. He is very adventurous and loves to eat, prance around, and greet new visitors!


Silky Fainting Goat

Jaina is a very social and happy girl who loves to smile at visitors! She is also very curious and gentle.


Huacaya Alpaca

Juniper was rescued from Sudbury MA with her daughter, Mint. She is a very vocal girl and loves to hum.


Mini Horse

Lollipop is a sweet little pinto who came to the sanctuary with her BFF Boomer. She is only 27 inches tall, but that doesn’t stop her from taking charge! Snacking used to be her main passion, but we’re working on helping her expand her horizons.


Nubian Goat

Like Billy, Marky is also a Nubian goat who was rescued with Billy from Lawerence, MA. He is very friendly and gentle.


Arabian Horse

Amber is 24 and a Purebred Arabian horse from Middleboro, MA. She is very easy-going and spirited. She lives with Brandy and spends her days running around her paddock.


Nubian Goat

Billy is a Nubian goat. He was rescued with Marky from a butchering operation in Lawrence, MA. He is very curious and always wants to know what's going on around his paddock.


Mini Horse

Boomer is a shy little fella who (like many mini horses) suffers from some health problems due to being bred to such a small size. But, with his best friend Lollipop by his side, Boomer is gaining confidence and tackling physical therapy like a champ!


Mini Horse

Cash is 17, from Tolland, CT. He had never lived with other horses before he came to the Sanctuary, so when he first arrived he lived with the goats. He is very calm natured and now enjoys living with the other minis.


Huacaya Alpaca

Danny is 4 years old and was born right at the Sanctuary! His father is Stanley and his mother is Daisy Mae.


Welsh Pony

Dory is a Welsh Pony who was rescued with her son, Squirt. She is completely blind in her left eye and is enjoying her retirement at the Sanctuary. She loves baths, walks, and meeting visitors.


Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Ellie is a Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd cross. She was born on a goat farm in Illinois and came to us from her family who loved her very much but could no longer keep her. She is playful and has gotten to know the alpaca. Volunteers love to visit her!


Potbelly Pig

George is the newest pig at the Sanctuary. He used to live indoors, but sadly his home burned down and he lost his tail the fire. He is extremely friendly and loves to say hello to every visitor.


Mini Horse

Gypsy is 20 and came from Carlisle, MA with Summer. She is extremely sweet and has a little crush on Cash.


Silky Fainting Goat

Jingle is a gentle goat who loves to be brushed. He always hopes volunteers will scratch his head!


Idaho Pasture Pig

Leona is an Idaho Pasture pig and came from Sherborn MA with her sister, Osa. She weighs over 450 pounds but that doesn't stop her from asking for belly rubs.

Lunchbox Benson

Potbelly Pig

Lunchbox is a Potbelly pig that came to the Sanctuary via the MSPCA. He has limited eyesight but loves to sleep in his hut and hang out with his buddy Tofu.



Maxine is our furry ambassador. If you visit the sanctuary, she will greet you, nuzzle your hair, and welcome your touch. As the guardian of the goat herd, she’s always alert to anyone passing the paddock.


Old Gloucester Spot Pig

Sweet adorable Amelia is a young Gloucestershire pig who has fit right in with the other pigs here at the Sanctuary. We love her joie de vivre and those beyond-cute floppy ears!


Silky Fainting Goat

Blook is extremely friendly and the head of the goat herd. He loves to lick anyone who enters his paddock.


Appaloosa Quarter Horse

Brandy is 15 and an Appaloosa Quarter Horse. She is very spirited and gets weekly exercise. Brandy is very much in love with our Barn Manger! She is happy she found a soft landing for her forever home.


Cheviot Cross SHeep

Charlotte came to the Sanctuary with her mother, Lila, and brother, Shaun after they were no longer usable to train herding dogs. Charlotte is very curious but shy and prefers to stay close to her mother.


Hampshire Pig

Danny Boy is a Hampshire Pig, a breed typically used for meat. We are so happy to have this cheerful boy living his forever life at UFS, and we think he is pretty happy too. He loves his buddy, Leona the Pig -- they cuddle together at night!


Scottish Highland

Dudley is a star. He's a gentle giant - nearly one ton of pure joy. He spends his day running and jumping in his new pasture when he's not nuzzling with Audrey or enjoying a brushing from his human friends.


Silky Fainting Goat

Ellie is the most social female goat. She loves to climb and greet visitors. She only faints in one leg at a time, which is a very funny sight to see!


Mini Horse

Goldy is 22 and still thinks of himself as the top stallion. He used to be very afraid of people but he is getting less fearful.

Hazel Marie

Potbelly Pig

Hazel is a Potbelly pig who was adopted from MSPCA. She was the first pig at the Sanctuary and lives next to Rue. She is 130 pounds of pure joy that loves to wag her tail and get belly rubs.


Bay Morgan Horse

Jules is 19 and a Bay Morgan who came with Linnea from Dover, MA after foundering (laminitis). She is very gentle and is enjoying her retirement.


Cheviot Cross SHeep

Lila came to the Sanctuary with her twins, Charlotte and Shaun. She is still very skittish and is adjusting to her new home. She is very protective of her little lambs but warming up to everyone around her!


Silky Fainting Goat

Lydia is very easy going and social with all the visitors. She loves to hang out with the other ladies in the paddock, including Maxine!


Huacaya Alpaca

Midas is also from Maine and is the oldest male. Like his name suggests, he feels and acts like he is the king alpaca. He is the father of Sunny Day.

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