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Celebration of the Turkeys

Art for the Animals Auction


NOVEMBER 1-22, 2023


We are all deeply moved by the profound generosity and the deep outpouring of love: with the amazing donated beautiful art, all the bids and post shares, and all the extra donations to help the rescues! So many people worked hard to make this auction a success for the rescues. And the rescues helped make art too!

Every fund we raise goes to the animal care at UFS to truly provide them with the best life we can. Sanctuaries and Rescues are remarkable places of kindness, compassion, caring for those in need. THANK YOU everyone! 🐎🙏

All our love, from the UFS Rescues and Team


Plan ahead now! You can create art anytime for next November. The theme in 2024 is "Grow Kindness", with a general focus on our animals of course (but does not actually have to have one of our rescues featured). If you are a maker, creator, artist, animal supporter, please consider creating something amazing to donate to the auction! Ideally animals from our Sanctuary, or representatives of their species. PLEASE no animal products like fur, leather etc. (You can use feathers dropped here by our rescues). You might paint, draw, print, photograph, carve, craft, knit, do ceramics, craft jewelry... the options are endless. To help you with some ideas too, try these examples below - anyone can do them!

Unity Farm Sanctuary’s Celebration of the Turkeys is a popular day, and you can view the online art auction in person at the onsite event on November 19. The Auction absolutely closed at 5pm November 22, 2023! We hope you enjoy using our new auction platform on Givebutter!

You will want to register for the Auction here, so that you get text or email updates on items that are listed in the auction this month. Read more about the auction on the Auction Description Home Page.

Search in the auction using categories like painting, photograph, fabric, etc.

Thank you to all the amazing people who donated art for the Auction, and to all the talented artists!

If you take photographs of the rescues at Unity Farm Sanctuary, how about ordering a pillow from a closeup of your favorite rescue!

If you take photographs of the rescues at Unity Farm Sanctuary, how about ordering a mounted one of your favorite rescue or rescues!

How about ordering a photo Christmas ornament to donate??

How about ordering photo socks to donate??

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