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You Make Our Rescue Animals Happy with TREES!


Happy New Year!

Thank you for your 2023 Holiday trees.

The tree donation event for 2023 is concluded

and will resume at the end of 2024!

Your donated Christmas trees can be dropped any time of day, from December until February 1 of each year (no appointment needed) at the tree pile at the edge of our meadow at 17 Unity Lane, Sherborn.


  • There are signs there that clearly mark where to leave your tree. 

  • We are unable to pick up trees, sorry.

  • Trees should still be green and lively - no trees please where all the needles fall off as you put them on your vehicle  because no one here can eat that.

  • Please do not bring your big pine branches that have fallen in your yard.

  • None of the rescues can consume blue spruce and spruce, too prickly!

  • Trees should be whole (or perhaps cut in half). Please don't bring the in a bag with all the branches removed from the trunk. 

  • No trees with tinsel, decorations or spray flocking of course. 

  • PLEASE don't bring a tree from a big box store, they typically use flame retardants and preservative sprays toxic to the animals.

  • Pesticides are applied to trees early in the growing season so are no longer present in the tree - but that being said, organic trees are better for the environment. An artificial tree lasts in a landfill for an extremely long time unfortunately.

You may enjoy viewing the goats, sheep and Maxine the Llama at the parking lot, but please don't walk into the main animal area unless on a tour, or as a trained volunteer (there are clear signs there). Sanctuary Tours resume in March! We also have 4.5 miles of public walking trails in our woods, dawn to dusk.

If you loved meeting the goats and the gang, enjoy our 24/7 live webcams!

Thank you for bringing us your trees!

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