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In May 2020, Unity Farm Sanctuary became a proud member of the prestigious Humane Education Coalition (HEC). According to HEC, the coalition includes "more than 141 partners and affiliates in 28 countries on five continents who collectively teach millions of people around the world." They "collaborate with education partners in human rights, environmental ethics, and animal protection to achieve common goals and support their work." Our Humane Education director, Marla Andrews, writes: Being a part of this forward-thinking, forward-moving collaborative of global partners allows Unity to apply our mission of kindness, connection, and compassion in unlimited and impactful ways. We now have opportunities to grow our education and outreach with the ideas of cutting edge thinkers in humane education. We can now tap into the educational resources and minds of many other leading humane educators and welfare advocates, as well as other like-minded organizations, large and small. A collaboration of minds and educational resources allows us to springboard with new materials, topics, and support, all while contributing our own ideas and experiences to other partner members. The Coalition's four-pillar approach to collaborate, educate, empower, and inspire is what will ultimately make the biggest difference for us today. We feel honored to be a part of such an amazing and respected group making a difference for both people and animals. ​​ To learn more about the Humane Education Coalition, visit their website at:



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