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10 Fast Facts about SHEEP

Sheep are herbivores, meaning they only eat plant-based foods such as grass and grain.


There are more than a billion sheep worldwide and close to a thousand different breeds! 


Contrary to what you might have heard, sheep are surprisingly smart with amazing memory ability! Some scientists compare them to cows and pigs. They can recognize many sheep (and human) faces and facial expressions!


Sheep often like to stay together with their flock, both for social purposes and for safety in numbers.


Because they have those stunning and recognizable rectangular eye pupils, they can see almost 360 degrees around their bodies! This means they don't have to turn their heads to detect a predator or to know that lunch is being served right behind them.


Sheep will talk! They bleat or baa to communicate with each other, including mothers identifying their lambs.


Sheep are gentle, feeling creatures and build strong bonds with other sheep and animals. Just like us, they experience happiness, joy, sadness, fear, anger, and boredom.


Sheep have no upper teeth and are ruminants who chew their cud. Their four chambered stomachs provide them with the ultimate digestion.


Most sheep worldwide are domesticated and raised for meat, milk, and wool. If allowed to grow old, sheep can live to be 12 years or so, with some breeds living even longer. 


When giving birth, most ewes give birth to twins!  


Meet Our Sheep!

30 Seconds of Sheep

Welcome, Winston!

The newest member of our flock

(arrived May 2020)

Some Terminology...

A baby sheep is called:

a "lamb"

A female sheep is called:

a "ewe"

A male sheep is called:

a "ram"

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