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Our Unity Pen Pals program is open to kids of all ages and is a perfect way for kids to practice their writing skills while learning more about rescued farm animals.


All young Unity supporters are invited to send some fan mail to any of our animals or groups of animals. It could be a letter, email, a photo of your artwork--whatever inspires you! With the help of our Humane Education team, our animals will send a reply sharing fun facts about their lives at the sanctuary and answering any questions you may have.  We try to respond to all pen pals individually or by classroom in a timely fashion.

All fan mail can be emailed to

or snail-mailed to:

Unity Farm Sanctuary

ATTN: Pen Pals Program

17 Unity Lane

Sherborn, MA 01770

If you have already met your Unity BFF on one of our tours, social media pages, or Meet the Animals pages, feel free to send them some fan mail! Otherwise, we have a wonderful selection of possible pen pals to pick from in the gallery below. Hover or click on their photos to get to know them!

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Sunny Day