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(L-R Napoleon, Marky, Billy)

There were so many obvious reasons for John and me to be quite excited to have the Sanctuary land transfer ownership back in 2016. One of the most pressing reasons happened to be that four rescues were waiting patiently for us to begin the journey and give them a forever home

In November of 2016, we worked with Angela Hansberry, my contact at the MSPCA Nevins Farm. We made plans to rescue an elderly gray Welsh Pony named Pippin. He was a retired 30 year old lesson pony - the intake notes said “soured lesson pony”. It is not an easy life for a lesson pony or camp pony, countless daily riders sometimes. His last gig was as a companion to a mare that passed away, leaving him at the last stop in his working journey. Luckily his owner surrendered him to the MSPCA and did not send to the highly uncertain fate of a livestock auction. He was old and bony and I loved him the moment I met him.

At that same time, Marky and Billy, our two Nubian goats, were rescued from a backyard butchering operation in Lawrence MA. Animal Control officers brought them to MSPCA Nevins Farm, and Angela asked us if we might be able to take them when we finally owned the Sanctuary land in December 2016. They were shy, scared and thin and of course we said yes.. We know nothing about Napoleon, who arrived at the MSPCA that same week, and was pastured with Marky and Billy. We could not get near Napoleon, he was clearly terrified, but we agreed to take all three to the Sanctuary.

There were so many pieces of the complex puzzle that brought Pippin, Marky, Billy and Napoleon to us because we took a leap of faith that we could make Unity Farm Sanctuary a reality,and also learn all we needed to know to do the best we could.

What makes a visual artist and physician change course and begin a new journey?

Wanting to make a real difference in the world is certainly a big part of that desire.

But for Pippin, Marky, Billy and Napoleon, bringing them home to a safe haven is simply reason enough.

Almost five years have passed, and our sweet Pippin pony was laid to rest (after a brief bout with intestinal cancer in 2017) having known so much love. Marky, Billy and Napoleon are a bit older now and a little creakier - I can relate - but they are still filled with the joy of each day.

Safe haven is priceless.

(Amber standing,

Pippin the gray pony and his buddy

Millie laying in the sun June 2017)

(Pippin with Marky and Billy in the background)


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