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Unity Farm Sanctuary has worked with many other sanctuaries and rescue organizations to rescue farmed animals and companion animals. Some of the faces you know and love here: Audrey Heifer, Elliot Steer, Dudley The Highland, Danny Boy Pig, Pony Boy, Tomie Llapaca, Dougie Pig, Nellie Pig, Marky Goat, Billy Goat, Napoleon Goat, Amelia Pig, Mirabella and Belladonna Pigs, Roger Pig, Tofu Pig, Lunchbox Pig, Hazel Marie Pig, Walter Goat, Big Bird Goose, Mordecai Goose, Iago Goose, Boris Goose, Lille Dog, and Adele Donkey all came here because of behind-the-scenes networking with other rescues, shelters or sanctuaries. There are many other rescued animals who do not live here at the Sanctuary, but we partnered to help save them too. Many animals of different species, including racing pigeons, are now safe. Rescues and sanctuaries are all very different in scale, philosophies and missions, but we regularly collaborate to save lives. 

It is imperative to work together to achieve the best outcomes right here too. At Unity Farm Sanctuary, we are passionate about the quality care of our rescues by our amazing Animal Caregiver team, overseen by our Shelter Manager and Assistant Manager. Our veterinary team of Equidoc Veterinary Services, Ocean State Equine Associates, Tufts Hospital for Large Animals, Tufts Foster Hospital for Small Animals, Angell Memorial Animal Hospital, Northeast Equine Veterinary Dental Services, Wellesley Animal Hospital, The Cat’s Hospital, Wellesley Natick Animal Hospital, Windhover Veterinary Center, Emily the Trimmer, and Zach Carey Farrier Services are amazing. Our vegan volunteer Board works toward empowering everyone here to succeed. All of these caregiving efforts are assisted daily by our countless dedicated UFS Volunteers. Thank you everyone!

We are passionate about our growing Human Education program guided by our Humane Education Director, to advance compassionate ideals. Sanctuaries cannot rescue all the animals in need, but Unity Farm Sanctuary can work with people of all ages to bring greater awareness and kinder actions in the world. It is humbling to have the incredible support of donors from all walks of life who believe in our mission. We are also deeply grateful for the vaccine grant from the American Association of Equine Practitioners, the Felicia Rose Grant for our 1000 Animal Ambassadors humane education program and the Middlesex Savings Bank Charitable grant for our LEAP Changemakers Program.

As the winter solstice of 2024 draws near, I send you love, and hope that you will all find peace, safety, compassion, and kindness wherever you might be.


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