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“When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.”

― Anthony Douglas Williams

Friday June 28, 2024      4-9pm
334 S. Water Street, Providence, RI at Plant City

Photographer Michael Tuberdyke is presenting his insightful images of the rescues at Unity Farm Sanctuary. Please join us for a pop-up event with wonderful photos and conversations. At Plant City, you will have a great chance to eat some amazingly delicious compassionate foods in the plant based food hall and marketplace, and join us in the "The Cellar" at Plant City to meet Michael, and many of the folks from the Sanctuary.   (Directions)

"Photo Show" online auction Live June 7 at 7am to June 28 at 8pm. Bid for these beautiful images!
Proceeds benefit the Sanctuary.



White Scottish Highland

Dudley is a bright and shining star. A gentle giant who found sanctuary after a group of individuals saved him from slaughter in New Hampshire.Roughly 34 million cows are slaughtered every year in the United States.


Dudley loves back scratches and spending his days relaxing with his buddy Pal McTrouble. Dudley’s rescue dad, David, visits him frequently. Every June, the staff, volunteers, and the community surrounding Unity Farm Sanctuary gather together to celebrate Dudley’s birthday at Dudleyfest.


Penny Blossom

Yorkshire Pig

Penny was the runt of her litter in a small factory farm. The owner of the farm was going to euthanize her at only a few weeks old because of her inability to grow quickly like the rest of her littermates. A veterinarian rescued her and she found her forever home at Unity Farm Sanctuary. She is now 9 years old and weighs a little over five hundred pounds. Penny has outlived her littermates by 8 years.

She loves to spend her days basking in the sun, collecting flowers and sticks for her barn, and strawberries. At the end of 2023 she was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma (skin cancer). Skin cancer is common in pigs despite the mud the pigs may apply to themselves or the sunscreen the animal caregivers apply.


A tumor was removed at the start of 2024 behind her left ear, which was three inches long and two inches high. She is now growing hair in the place where there once was a tumor. We are all happy about Penny’s progress after her operation and her ongoing chemotherapy treatments.



 Miniature Silky Fainting Goat

Jingles is a loveable old soul. He is an elderly  silky fainting goat who spends much of his day on top of his hill sitting in the sun with his other silky friend Misty. Although he is one of our older residents he will be the first to chime in when his breakfast, lunch, or dinner is running behind schedule. He is also not afraid to let the younger goats know that they are standing in his way at the hay feeder.


Jingles adores scratches on the head as well as his chin and at  times has been known to make a volunteer or staff person’s lap his own personal seat. Jingles has bad arthritis and walks with a stiff right leg. He is cared for by many, however; and watched by all. We are happy that Jingles was not one of the 600,000 goats that are processed each year.



Morgan/Halflinger Pony

Sunny is a Morgan/Haflinger Cross. Sunny is a former work horse and lesson pony who could no longer be ridden due to a hoof problem. He is a stunning, sturdy, and super-sweet boy who loves to run around his paddock.


He is a smart, but sensitive guy and due to his past experience with abuse it takes him time to be comfortable around people; however, once he is comfortable around an individual Sunny will never leave their side.


The Turkey Team

White Broad Breasted

Our Broad Breasted Turkey gang can be found meandering around our Healing Haven Barn. They spend their days in their flock picking at grass and visiting with their favorite caregivers. These turkeys are typically bred for their flesh and are butchered anywhere between 14 and 20 weeks old. They can live to be ten years old, our oldest is four. Last year an estimated 46 million turkeys were slaughtered for Thanksgiving in the US alone.


Danny Boy

Hampshire Pig

Danny is a nine year old Hampshire pig. He was sold on craigslist advertised as a 'micro-pig', from a third story walk-up apartment. As he grew and grew, his rescue mom, Judy, knew she did not have the space for him. She tried many places to find him a safe home, until Unity Farm Sanctuary found her post shared by Esther’s Army on Facebook.


After finding his forever home Danny enjoys many days with all of his friends, especially Amelia, who he cuddles with at night. He has a particular affinity for Dandelions, Green Beans, and Belly Rubs. His rescue mom still visits him and brings him and the rest of his friends treats.

“You can accomplish by kindness what you cannot by force.”
— Publilius Syrus


Bob Crockett

Holstein Steer

Bob is a five year old Holstein Steer. He was discarded from the dairy industry early in life since he, being a male, cannot produce milk. Unlike the other males born in the dairy industry
Bob was not killed on-site or sold for veal or beef. Bob came to the Sanctuary at one week of age with a case of Lumpy Jaw (actinomycosis). Although this bacterial infection is hard to cure, Bob was treated for a long time and is now fully healthy.


Bob spends his days carefree and happy. If he is not gallivanting with his buddy Wallace he is found basking in the sun with his buddies Audrey and Elliot.



Chincoteague/POA Pony

Ripley is a young pony. He has genetic orthopedic issues in his hind legs (failed suspensory ligaments), which is why we are so happy he found sanctuary. He spends his day in the Run Around Paddock with friends Dory and Squirt. He is genuinely good-hearted and loves to play not only with his friends, but occasionally with volunteers as well.


We are happy that he is comfortable with his life with us at Unity.


Audrey Heifer & Elliot


Audrey and Elliot came from Tomten Farm and Sanctuary in New Hampshire. Audrey was saved from going from auction, she was considered to have “no use” because she could not produce babies (she is a sterile "freemartin" who was twin to a male). Elliot was saved from going to auction as well (a dairy boy).

Together, these two spend their time with fellow paddock friends Bob Crockett and Wallace. They enjoy playing with their large ball, scratching posts, and relaxing in the sun.




Maxine is our furry camelid ambassador. If you visit the sanctuary, she will greet you with her intense gaze, nuzzle your hair, and maybe (maybe) welcome your touch. As the guardian of the goat and sheep friends, she’s always alert to anyone passing by the paddock.


In the summer months you can catch her in front of her cooling fan in her, “Diva Den.”



Yorkshire Pig

Pearl’s rescue was a group effort. An organization reached out to Unity Farm Sanctuary from a medical testing facility in Massachusetts. After communicating with the organization our Director reached out to other sanctuaries to find her a forever home.

Large Pigs are some of the hardest to find homes for. An estimated 125 million pigs are sent to slaughterhouses every year in the United States and almost 6 billion globally.


Luckily for Pearl, a space had just opened up in Newbury MA at the Poore Farm Sanctuary. With a safe home secured Pearl was rescued. It was a joy to see her first steps in the world to see the sun and walk on dirt, as well her first dirty nose from rooting on a sunny day after she spent two full years of her life in a laboratory. Pearl has a natural zest for life. She loves belly rubs, strawberries, and collecting colorful rocks to hide in her water trough. On rainy days she can be sitting in the barn just watching the rain.

image_50400769 (1).JPG

Penny Blossom and Danny Boy


Penny Blossom and Danny Boy hope you enjoy the photography exhibition. We welcome the chance to have more conversations with people about compassionate choices and lifestyles.

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