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Brownies: Eco Friend

Activity: Practicing Sustainability and Kindness

Overview: While discussing the meaning of sustainability, nonhuman animal agency and how kindness for people, nonhuman animals and the environment are all connected, scouts will recycle alpaca fiber by stuffing vine balls for bird nesting.  They will then venture into one of our sanctuary trails to hang the vine balls for the woodland birds.  By doing so they are achieving the following:

  • Helping the outdoors by recycling natural materials

  • Observing outdoor spaces in both the sanctuary and a wooded area

  • Taking care of wildlife by supplying warm materials for birds to build their nests

  • Practicing kindness to birds as described above, to alpaca by not supporting shearing for commercial use, to our environment by recycling and ultimately to ourselves by helping to preserve and protect the earth we share with all other species


Time permitting, scouts may also complete one of the following scavenger hunts: 


Objectives: Scouts will be able to define sustainability, animal agency and how practicing kindness helps people, nonhuman animals and the planet.

Please note: Programs are offered Monday through Saturday (Excluding Sunday)


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