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Brownies: Give Back


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I. Activity: Circle of Compassion

Overview: While examining the terms “empathy” and “compassion”, scouts will identify who/what they most care about and would stand up for if they were in need. Examples will be provided to demonstrate how we can show compassion for farm animals and the planet. Scouts will create their own “Circle of Compassion” by writing or drawing who/what they deeply care about inside a heart-shaped piece of construction paper.

Objectives: Scouts will be able to define and give examples of the words “empathy” and “compassion” and examine the issues surrounding individuals deserving of empathy and compassion.


II. Activity: Making Educational Posters About Farm Animals

Overview: What farm animals need to live happy and healthy lives will be reviewed. Scouts will then apply what they have learned by creating a poster with text and an illustration that shares how people can help farm animals and why it is important to do so.

Objectives: After scouts have learned about the feelings and needs of farm animals, this activity gives them the opportunity to develop and express an opinion about how farm animals should be treated and why people should help them. Scouts make educational posters that creatively share their opinions and promote ways for people to take action on behalf of farm animals.

Please contact Humane Education Director Jennifer D'Angelo at for more information and/or with any questions


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