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10 Fast Facts about DONKEYS

Donkeys, like horses and zebras, are "Equids," or members of the Equidae family. Unlike their other Equid cousins, they sport a more solid, stocky build and adorable, long ears.


Domesticated donkey breeds vary widely in size. Miniature donkeys, the smallest breed, stand about three feet high from hoof to shoulder and weigh less than 400 pounds. Mammoths, the largest breed, stand about 4-1/2 feet tall and can weigh up to 1000 pounds! 


Donkeys are a pretty "chill" animals. Unlike their more high-strung cousins (horses), donkeys keep calm and carry on! If they're part of a multi-species group, they often have a calming effect on other animals.


If well cared for, domestic donkeys can live to be 30-50 years old! That's certainly worth celebrating!


Pound for pound, donkeys are a lot stronger than horses. Because of this, they are sadly often used worldwide as cheap working animals and are often pushed to the limits of their endurance. They are also very nimble so may be used as pack animals in areas that other species would have trouble navigating.


Donkeys are very intelligent and curious beings. They possess a remarkable memory that can span decades and can keep track of any dangerous situations to avoid in the future. Some call them stubborn, but we call them brilliant!


Donkeys have a LOT to say! They are big communicators. In open country, donkeys' braying sounds can be heard over 60 miles away. 


An umbrella, please! Donkeys do not like rain and do not have waterproof coats. They generally look miserable in wet conditions (because they are!).


They have a big appetite! Because donkeys originated in  hot desert climates, their digestive system evolved to break down tough foods and extract water. Donkeys are grazers, mostly eating grass and hay, but they will also eat some flowers and brambles. 


Donkeys are very sociable, protective, and friendly animals and will often have best friends in a herd or on a farm!


Meet Star!

30 Seconds of Star

Some Terminology...

A baby donkey is called:

a "colt"

A female donkey is called:

a "jenny"

A male donkey is called:

a "jack"

A group of donkeys is called:

a "herd"

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