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10 Fast Facts about TURKEYS

Turkeys communicate using nearly 30 distinct vocalizations. Every individual has a unique voice!


Only male turkeys make the classic "gobble" sound, which can be heard a mile away!


Like cats and dogs, turkeys are highly intelligent, sensitive, and social animals. They show great affection to others and form strong lifelong friendships with other turkeys in the flock.


Turkeys have great memories! They can learn the details of an area of more than 1000 acres.


Turkeys have 5000-6000 feathers! Males are larger than females and have more vibrant colors.


The color of a turkey's head (especially males) changes color and reflects their mood!


The flap of skin hanging from a turkey's chin is called a "wattle." The fleshy growth covering a male's beak is called a "snood."


Wild turkeys are sleek, agile birds and can run up to 25 miles per hour and fly short distances up to 55 miles per hour. Sadly, most domestic breeds can't run or fly because they are bred to grow very large for food.


Turkeys have incredible eyesight, including color vision and great peripheral vision. However, they don't see as well at night.


Male turkeys have a "beard," or clump of fine, fibrous feathers growing from their chest, which looks more like a horse's tail than feathers!


Meet Our Turkeys!

30 Seconds of Turkeys

Some Terminology...

A baby turkey is called:

a "chick" or "poult"

A female turkey is called:

a "jenny" or "hen"

A male turkey is called:

a "tom" or "gobbler"

A group of turkeys is called:

a "rafter" or "flock"

Get Coloring!

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Pick a Pen Pal!

As part of our Pen Pals Program, you can write a letter to any of our residents, and they'll write back!

Here are a few turkeys who would especially love some fan mail!

Hover or click on their photos to get to know them!

Handsome Paul

All fan mail can be sent to:


Unity Farm Sanctuary

ATTN: Pen Pals Program

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Sherborn, MA 01770

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