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Evolution. As the Sanctuary grows, so do the needs, the tools, the work.

We started with our Ford Transit Van, and it is still serving us well. Close your eyes and picture this: moving rescue alpaca here inside a van; rescuing Jingle and friends in the van, taking Gypsy Minihorse to Tufts Veterinary Emergency Hospital in the van!

When we began to haul larger amounts of grain and hay, we invested in a white Ford F150 - very bare bones with manual windows and that wonderful 8 foot long bed that could carry full sheets of plywood. We could now get the grain, hay and construction materials we needed (and loads of pumpkins too!)

We received the much appreciated generous gift of a Tacoma truck and an aluminum horse trailer when Jules and Linnea Morgan horses arrived here from their family in 2018. The sale of both the truck and trailer helped us to purchase the almost-new larger trailer we have already used pretty heavily this year to help rescue many animals.

The Ford F150 was no longer the right truck to pull this heavier loaded trailer though...

Serendipity happened!

We had the unique opportunity to trade for a Ford F250 with the strength to tow our trailer, and we are so grateful. (the truck happens to be red too!!!) UFS can help transport other animals we are networking for, even if those animals cannot come to UFS. And we can safely get to the vet hospital or to Ocean State Veterinary Clinic when urgency dictates. We can't wait to get our website lettering and logo on the truck and trailer, done by Justin Spina of local Justified Designs, so that folks will see us and learn more about the work we do.

More serendipity, we also received a great $250 grant from AmericanTrucks Positive Payload Program to help pay for the truck! Thank you!


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