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Sanctuary life is like anyone's everyday busy lives, but a really condensed, amplified, and “filled to the brim” version of everyday life - truly filled with service to others of course. There are hellos and goodbyes, laughter and tears, hard work and the chance to meet wonderful souls of all kinds.

If you follow our social media, you might know we said hello to Pony Boy but also had to say farewell to Mint Alpaca recently. Some laughter occurred when Nikki pig did not want to participate in her mani pedi nail trim and took off for the hills. I was glad faster + younger feet were rounding her up! Tears will come when we have to say goodbye to a rescue, like our sweet Burton the puppy. Hard work goes with the territory, and I think a life worth living has hard (yet satisfying) work daily.

I am delighted to share the news that Kayla Klaxton has accepted the role of Shelter Manager here, and Michael Tuberdyke will be the Assistant Shelter Manager. I am sure you also know that Jennifer D’Angelo is our Humane Education Director as well! Joining the Animal Caregiver team with Eric Hoffmann and Tyler Claxton are Brendan Lynch, Emma Flood and Stephanie Eaton. Welcome to these amazing and caring people!

On Sunday, I got a message inviting participation in a podcast with Brandon Feusner at Butterfly Valley Rescue and Sanctuary in Louisville KY. Of course I was delighted to chat! It was a great conversation you can listen to right here.

That same Sunday I had another message. This one was from Kim Agricola, director of the Medfield Animal Shelter where our sweet Burton puppy had been a part of their rescue program. Circumstances had brought Burton's sister Lille back to the shelter that day, and they thought of us right away. Everyone with the entire litter had mourned the loss of Burton. She reached out to us because Lille was now in need of a new home and they thought of us right away. If you remember, Burton was the Great Pyrenees puppy we loved so briefly this spring until he died of kidney failure.

We had not been seeking a puppy in the spring, but Burton was a sweet soul we were happy to bring into our lives. When he passed, I did not go seeking another puppy. But, his sister needs us, so we welcome her to our lives. Welcome Lille (pronounced Lily). All the puppies of Glacier (their momma Great Pyrenees who was at the Medfield Animal Shelter) were named originally after glaciers around the world!

The universe speaks and we listen.

(photo of Lille, sleeping on the air conditioning vent on this hot day)


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