Every day, it is an honor and privilege to be a part of the lives of the rescues at Unity Farm Sanctuary. John and I give our heart, soul and time to this wonderful place of community and healing. Although it is not always obvious, there are other events in our own lives that sometimes change the way each day happens.

Recently, I have not been as present in livestreams and social media posts, not the way I was at the beginning of the summer. On July 15, John’s mother and devoted Sanctuary supporter Dagmar Halamka, was hospitalized with a serious illness. John spent half the time since then between Los Angeles, Minneapolis and the Sanctuary. This has required me to fill more of each day with additional tasks here at the Sanctuary, as staffmembers also transitioned at the end of summer too.

With the help of 21 separate people mid-September, wheelchair transfers were made possible from the hospital in Los Angeles to the space here at the Sanctuary farmhouse prepared for her. She is in home hospice care, but people do graduate from hospice care, and she is trying very hard to recover her health.

Thank you all for your understanding during this time when we help Dagmar return to health. We are all simply doing our best, and are deeply grateful for all the Sanctuary supporters

The Sanctuary is a place of healing for all we hope.

Below: Dagmar & Maxine two years ago


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