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We dream BIG dreams here.

John and I have never dreamed 'small' about the things that are important to us. Since we met in 1980 on the very first day of college, we have been partners in a life of joy and service; teaching, consensus building and so much more. Quite often our efforts were the “road less traveled” and worth every step of the way.

Fast forward to 2016, when we created Unity Farm Sanctuary in the beautiful town of Sherborn MA and we wanted to have a special community-driven space that built up the positive possibilities.

We are not done DREAMING BIG!

The Sanctuary rescues farmed animals in need and networks for them and other companion animals like dogs, cats, rabbits and more. Our Humane Education Program is growing fast and strong with 1000 Animal Ambassadors (Scouts and K-12), LEAP Changemakers and more. Some grants have us started - more grants will help, and donor supporters interested in supporting education will make a world of difference.

Our pilot program for healthy plant-based cooking has been a resounding success in the fall and the spring. Now we need to work on the strategy for building this into a bigger program that includes online classes, in person classes, cookbooks and more. More grant writing and an angel donor or two are possibilities for growing this amazing program.

How about the possibility of a kind and compassionate film festival we sponsor right in our community? …. Let’s keep thinking Big!

Dreaming Big…of more land where our Bovine Besties are living out on fields in the future. The stone dust actually does keep their hooves in great shape, but I want them to have more. In fact what about starting a satellite location or two?! Yes, Dreaming Big!

I can clearly see a future satellite place of our own, hosting our cooking classes. How about a vegan cafe attached? (Maybe there could be a second branch of Nirvana Tea House and Cafe!) Our Unity Duck Haven Store could be open daily in a bigger location, adding vegan non-perishable groceries and books too!

We want to help rescue animals more, help people more, and help the environment more. All our personal resources will go to the Sanctuary as well, so that this place of Sanctuary, kindness and compassion continues long after we are gone.

Join us, in dreaming BIGGER for BETTER!


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