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Have you wanted to rescue a dog or a cat? Maybe you have thought about saving some retired hens, or some older goats? Even parakeets, guinea pigs, turtles, and pigeons need rescuing.

Just about weekly, I speak to someone who is interested in having a sanctuary or saving a couple of farm animals. If you live in a location where your zoning permits hens or larger farm animals, you might consider being a microsanctuary.

A microsanctuary would be very small scale, even just 1 animal perhaps. For that one animal, a microsanctuary will mean the world.

Some people approach us and want to learn everything they can about rescuing animals. Rescuing animals that need saving is perhaps the easy part. The hard part is providing a lifetime of the appropriate care, funding that care, then learning that saying no to a surrender is critical when you are full. A large scale sanctuary spends a lot of time fundraising and building relationships with other rescues and sanctuaries to network to save as many lives as we can. Humane education is critical.

But deciding on creating a microsanctuary can bypass that! You can save one, or a few animals - only what you can afford and properly house on your property. A great website is Microsanctuary where you can learn more and even apply for their grants.

If you work full time and have no extra time, or live in a city in an apartment, maybe have limited funds - don’t worry, you can also save a life many times a day. Simply choosing an all-plant meal saves a life. That is so much easier than it used to be with fantastic food options everywhere!

One final thought. By rescuing or saving another life, or keeping them off your plate, you might be saving yours too. Bringing that joy, commitment, heartache, satisfaction and love of a rescue into your life will mean everything to the animal, and maybe, might mean everything to you too.


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