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(photo is Staffperson Annabelle with Queen Roger)

Spring is really showing up here at the Sanctuary - everyone is shedding, pigs are getting pools and sunscreen (in March!), and spring peepers and songbirds are truly singing.

A quick reminder about our original rescue of Queen Roger the Juliana pig in our last blog

We have continued to work on her health, her skin condition, updated rabies vaccination, and more. She has a little hernia, but it looks like one she may have had all her life. We have worked hard to figure out what she needs. And as soon as we get a 70-degree day, she gets a real bath, not just cleaning her ears, eyes, and face! We will then happily get the dirt and crusty skin cleaned and softened. I know she will have plenty to say about it!

Roger has her own stuffed kitty toy to remind her of her past buddy, and she is actually really delighted to hang out with a duck buddy too! In fact, UFS just stepped up to rescue three feral barn cats, so she will have the chance to get to know some other cats!

I cried happy tears the day Roger rediscovered rooting in the dirt, laying in the sunshine and playing in a little mud. We set up outdoor safe spots at the Healing Haven Barn to permit her to choose to go in or go out on the good weather days. (She is super miffed if it is raining!) After years of indoor life, she is basking in the sun in the Spring air! This pink cutie will be needing sunscreen once she has a bath! And she just willingly got belly rubs, sharing her trust.

Roger is so chatty, she talks all the time. I think she is just starting to have a lot of fun doing lots of stuff! We LOVE you Queen Roger!


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