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Sixty mammals and two hundred and twenty five birds.They all love treats!

If you know a little bit about us, I suspect you know Dudley the Scottish Highland, or Maxine the Llama, and perhaps you have met Handsome Paul the turkey. But so many more wonderful rescues make Unity Farm Sanctuary their forever home.

Different seasons offer the Sanctuary a chance to collect different special treats for the rescues. Fresh veggies in the spring and summer are a wonderful donation folks bring here, and we also grow as many as we can. Autumn has an abundance of harvest vegetables - especially donated pumpkins! (Dudley bounces for pumpkins!)

Right now is a very special treat time: Christmas Trees! The needles are a fresh green winter treat with vitamins and minerals and roughage. Goat, sheep, bovines and more of our rescues love the snacks.

Donated Christmas trees can be dropped any time of day at the tree pile at the edge of our parking lot at 17 Unity Lane Sherborn (our apologies, we are unable to pick up trees).

Our favorite trees are from organic farms like Hopestill Farm and other local you-cut. We are very lucky in New England because most of our trees are grown so nearby. Luckily, growers of non-organic Christmas trees apply pesticides many months before cutting, and those are no longer active after a month or so. No trees with tinsel or decorations of course, and please don't bring a tree from a big box store, they might use flame retardants and preservative sprays which are indeed toxic to the animals.

Some fun recent print news, television stories and radio media links about us and trees!


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