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You might not realize it (yet), but you - our supporters, donors, volunteers - love our staff at Unity Farm Sanctuary. Do you know how I know this? Because you care so very deeply about our amazing rescued farm animals

Let’s take a moment to talk about the Sanctuary inner workings.

We have made plans for Unity Farm Sanctuary to continue long into the future, even after the founders have passed away. To do that on this scale, some important elements must be in place, such as administration and infrastructure paired with a planned endowment of funding plus the Sanctuary owning the land. All of these components will soon occur to secure a solid future for all our rescues.

Non-profit organizations must be run like businesses, because the public transparency is paramount. You can view our tax filings (IRS 990) filed at Guidestar for example. While no founder or board member receives any income from the Sanctuary (they fully donate their time), for instance, it is important to hire a skilled CPA and bookkeeper to keep us running effectively. So much paperwork, and plenty of filings!

You love our staff, because we rescue those truly in need: older, sicker and at risk animals needing expert care. Volunteers are an absolutely vital part of animal care here as well, but volunteers don’t work at the Sanctuary everyday and all day, providing consistent trained care. In our planning for the long term stability of animal care over many years to come, a skilled farm manager and barn staff get the expert work done.

Every day, there is a complex list of foods, supplements, medications and more that must be accurately given to the right rescue. To do this well, our barn staff know the individual personalities and quirks of every rescue. All of this leads to the longest life with the best quality of life we can provide.

When the Sanctuary partners with you to make sure the Sanctuary has the necessary funds to do good work, we know you ask for fiscal responsibility, and we ask for this as well. You trust us to know what veterinary expenses to approve of or not, and when an expense is inappropriate. We seek out the best prices on quality nutritious feed for the rescues. We maintain and insure all our equipment is kept in good working order to last a very long time.

Unity Farm Sanctuary has 60 mammals and 230 feathered friends. At this scale of rescue work, we are grateful every day for your support of our amazing staff members who work hard here in the peak of the summer heat, the iciest cold or winter, and in unrelenting rain in between.

It takes everyone to help our rescues, so thank you, for loving our staff!


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